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  • FAQ’s for The Marine Hills Safe City Camera Project 2013

FAQ’s for The Marine Hills Safe City Camera Project 2013

Q1.  What happens if we don’t raise enough money? What if there is only enough money for one or two cameras?

A1.  The MHACC will continue to raise funds until the entire project is paid for. The sooner the money is raised the sooner we can start installation. Based on the majority show of hands vote at the community meeting held at Federal Way City Hall in February 2013, Marine Hills neighbors agreed to pay a special one-time donation to fund this project. 

Please send donations by July 31, 2013.

Q2. Will we receive updates on how much money has been raised?

A2.  Absolutely! The MHACC will post updates on our fundraising efforts on as well as in the summer Covenant Courier Newsletter.  Also, those that have donated to this important project will be publicly acknowledged in the fall newsletter (unless they choose to remain anonymous).

Q3. Where will the Safe City Cameras be aimed and who has control over the camera view?

A3.  The cameras will be programed with a default view of our entrances so as to provide a clear picture of vehicles and people entering and exiting Marine Hills.  Only the Federal Way Police Department has access to images and the ability to zoom the cameras and/or change the angle should they need to see further down Dash Point Rd or Redondo Way.

Q4.  What happens if there is a crime/suspicious person/suspicious vehicle in Marine Hills?

A4.   First, please call 911 to report the incident as soon as possible.  Responding officers can then go to a live camera view of the Marine Hills entrances to help identify suspects.  If they are investigating a burglary as an example, the police can review historical video footage corresponding to the time the incident occurred to assist in prosecuting the crime.

Q5.  Why is the camera at the Redondo Way entrance so much more expensive than the others?

A5.  The 2 cameras slated for installation along Dash Point RD will have easy access to infrastructure and high tech cable which will make installation less expensive.  Unfortunately, Redondo Way doesn’t have this same infrastructure in the ground, nor does it have a utility pole or easy access to power.  The county is requiring installation of 2 power poles for the Redondo Way location.

Q6.  Who will be installing the cameras?

A6.  The work will be completed by Federal Way, King County, and any of their chosen subcontractors. 

Q7.  Who do I write the check to and where do I send it?

A7.  Checks can be made payable to:

Marine Hills Architectural Control Committee (MHACC),      

P. O. Box 4291, Federal Way, WA 98063-4291

Q8.  How and where are the digital video images stored?  How far back in time is data stored?

A8.   The digital video recordings are stored on servers and hard drives managed by Federal Way’s IT department.  By adding our 3 cameras on to their network we will actually increase the available storage space.   Currently data is stored for 7 days unless it is archived.

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