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Safe City Cameras FAQ

Marine Hills Architectural Control Committee
P. O. Box 4291, Federal Way, WA 98063-4291

June 1, 2013

Dear Marine Hills Residents,

The Marine Hills Architectural Control Committee in partnership with Safe City Federal Way is proposing the installation of police monitored digital pan/tilt/zoom cameras at each of our 3 entrances. The cameras will provide 24 hour live coverage of our entrances with several days of DVR history to be monitored by the Federal Way Police Department and credentialed police volunteers only. The cameras will assist police in protecting Marine Hills from future suspicious activity and crime as well as provide coverage for Sacajawea Middle School. Officers responding to 911 calls in Marine Hills will also be able to have a live view of the entrances from their patrol car as well as review previous footage captured.

The total estimated cost provided by the City of Federal Way to complete this project is $32,523.     We are requesting a onetime minimum donation of $135 or more per household to fund the cameras in addition to the regular MHACC contribution of $30 per year.  We will also be requesting funds from neighbors in the Redondo View Community as well as the Federal Way School district to make up any short falls.  All funds collected for the cameras will be held in a separate MHACC account and any surplus funds will be held for future camera maintenance/replacement.  The expected life of the cameras is approximately 7 years.  In addition the MHACC will begin applying for a yearly grant of $1500 from Federal Way to fund future camera maintenance.

Once all the funds have been collected, the expected time frame to have the cameras up and running is 3 months.  Now we just need your help to make this project happen.  

We would appreciate a donation of $135 or more by July 31st 2013 so that the project can be completed by Mid-Fall 2013.

Your generous donation will be publically acknowledged in the Fall Newsletter unless you choose to remain anonymous. The safety of our neighborhood will be greatly enhanced by this project and Marine Hills will only continue to benefit from the community goodwill generated by your kind donation to our cause.

Thank you for taking our request into consideration and we look forward to receiving your generous donation.


Marine Hills Architectural Control Committee


 Recent Crimes within our Community

Have Become a Major Concern!


Safe City Federal Way, the Federal Way Police Department, and the Marine Hills

Architectural Control Committee created a plan to proactively and effectively

address this problem.

In recent months, Marine Hills’ residents have unfortunately seen a major increase in property crime and suspicious activity. To address this issue, a community meeting was held at Federal Way City Hall on February 7th, 2013 with over 250 neighbors in attendance. The goal of the meeting was to address Marine Hills’ issues directly with the Federal Way Police Department and discuss potential solutions provided by increasing our involvement in the Safe City Program. Crime Analyst, Michelle Roy reported on local crime statistics, pointing out that burglaries and thefts had increased in Federal Way since the beginning of 2013.  More specifically, Marine Hills was victimized with 8 incidents in January alone.  Thanks to the growing number of Marine Hills’ residents (275 to date) that have registered for the Safe City program, we are effectively reducing crime in the neighborhood and providing valuable leads to the Federal Way Police Department. Marine Hills’ residents are doing an amazing job of calling 911 to report suspicious activity and sharing information on Local news and media reported on the recent incidents and even aired surveillance video of the package thief, which led to a positive ID and warrant being issued.  Since the beginning of the year, several arrests have been made in connection with burglaries, thefts, and drug related crimes in Marine Hills thanks to proactive participation and reporting by our own neighbors. Commander Chris Norman also gave a presentation on the Safe City camera network.  High power digital cameras have become an effective tool for monitoring suspicious activity and following up on reported crimes in Federal Way.  The cameras are placed throughout the city and monitored by credentialed volunteers and also directly by police officers who have access to the camera feeds from their cars. When suspicious activity is called in to 911, the responding officer can immediately check the live camera feed in the area as well as review what was captured by the DVR. The Marine Hills Architectural Control Committee has been working diligently on a plan to have Safe City Cameras installed at our 3 entrances.  Based on a majority show of hands vote at the Safe City meeting, Marine Hills’ neighbors voted in favor of funding the cameras with a onetime donation per household.  The total cost of installing the cameras is $32,523.  A separate enclosure is provided in this mailing with additional details and a request for funds. The goal is to have the cameras funded by July 31st and fully installed by Mid-Fall 2013.


Enclosed is my donation of $________ ($135.00 or more) to join with others to help fund this important project.  Your Name: ____________________________

p I would like my donation to be recognized in the Courier Covenant newsletter.

pI would prefer my donation remain anonymous

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